Hofstra Law
Hofstra Law


Eileen Akintobi Neighborhood Law Office
Frances Avnet Faculty Assistant
Stacey Becker Enrollment Management
Carol Carter Faculty Assistant
Sharisse Carter Faculty Assistant
Margaret Celano Dean's Office
Michael P. Chernicoff Law Library
Veronica Chestnut Law Library
Joyce Amore Cox Faculty Assistant
Stacy Crutch Senior Assistant to Enrollment Management
Lisa Dowling Executive Secretary/Faculty Assistant
Ryan Duck Student Affairs
Mary Fair Academic Records
Marcela Fernandez Faculty Assistant
Stephanie Filiault Neighborhood Law Office
Maria Filotti Dean's Office
Diane Louise Gayer Career Services
Mary Giacomazza Information Systems
Ann Gilmartin Law Library
Elizabeth Gioia Faculty Assistant
Candyce Goldstein Senior Executive Secretary
Sheryl Johnson Law Library
Nicole Jones Faculty Assistant
Jason Kaas Law Library
Dianne Kaplan Law Library
Elizabeth LaFaye Senior Executive Secretary
Betty Leonardo Faculty Assistant
Sergio LoVerme Law Library
James Luttrell Law Library
Nicolina Marini External Relations
Joanne Masci Dean's Office
Ali McDowell Senior Assistant to Enrollment Management
Deborah Mulholland Academic Records
Susan Mulligan Enrollment Management
Rachel Odabasi Enrollment Management
Anna Pellegrini Student Affairs
E. Margot Rivera Neighborhood Law Office
Janet Simone Executive Secretary
Doris Skura Faculty Assistant
Dorothy Tannenbaum Academic Records
Lauri Thacher Neighborhood Law Office
Richard Torrani Law Library
Gail Travers Academic Records
Doris Urbach Career Services
Tom Van Brunt Law Library
Lisa Whitfield Law Library
Hai Fang Xu Law Library
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